Whether you learned to fence locally or recently moved to the area, we’re ready to help you find the right place in our programs. The following are suggestions to take into consideration. Feel free to talk to any of our coaches if you have questions.

If you’re considering switching to RCFC from another club in the Seattle area, bear in mind that your relationship with your club and your coach is important. Make sure you discuss the move with your current coach.

For fencers with less than six months of experience, we recommend taking one of our Beginning classes. This helps to ensure that we’re on the same page regarding techniques, terminology, equipment requirements, and so forth. The Beginning class lasts for one month. If a student clearly belongs in a higher-level class, the coaches will recommend their promotion earlier.

If you want to switch from one weapon to another, you should take a month of Beginning class to learn the specific techniques and tactics you’ll need to know before joining a Continuing class.

Our Continuing and Intermediate classes are suitable for fencers with more than a few months of experience, but who have not yet started competition. Fencers with a year or more of experience who have just started competition should consider our Competitive classes. Experienced fencers should meet with our coaches during open fencing to evaluate which class they belong in.

You can only represent one club in competition during the fencing season (August through July). If you join RCFC at the beginning of the season, you can change your club affiliation when you renew your USA Fencing membership. If you have already represented another club during the current season, USA Fencing rules require you to list your club affiliation as “Unattached” until the beginning of the next season. A quick email to info@usfencing.org is usually sufficient to report this change.