Fencing is a very safe sport. We expect our students to follow these safety rules at all times.

  1. Always wear proper attire when fencing or practicing. This includes mask, jacket, underarm protector, chest protector for women, long pants, glove, and proper athletic shoes.
  2. Always wear your mask when weapons are raised, point forward. This means on all occasions, including discussion of actions and during drills and bouts. No blade contact or poking, even playfully, without masks!
  3. Violent fencing actions are not permitted. Whipping or hard stabbing actions of the blade are forbidden. Follow proper form at all times. Do not cause body contact or use the unarmed hand against your opponent. Never touch your opponent’s blade with your unarmed hand. Do not turn your back on your opponent.
  4. Stop fencing instantly if you think something is wrong, if a blade has broken, or if your opponent retreats and waves the unarmed hand or gives any sign of wanting to stop.
  5. If you feel a fencer is behaving in a dangerous or uncontrolled fashion, report it to an instructor immediately.
  6. Inspect your weapon, mask, and uniform each time you use them. If you are using club gear and find any problem please report it to an instructor; do not put the item in question back into club storage without reporting it. Club fees cover routine breakage and maintenance. You will not be penalized for reporting broken gear.
  7. Pay attention to your opponent’s uniform. If you see their jacket is unzipped, glove is undone, shoe is untied, or any other safety concern, tell them.
  8. Wear proper shoes for fencing (court or fencing shoes). Please be sure that shoes are clean when entering the fencing floor to avoid dust and moisture buildup which make the floor slippery.
  9. Fencers on the floor have right of way. If you’re not fencing, keep yourself and your gear clear of fencers on the floor. Please also keep equipment bags clear of exit doors and pathways.
  10. Report injuries immediately to an instructor.
  11. Anyone participating in any activity on the fencing floor must have signed an RCFC waiver and medical information and consent form.