Age ranges for classes

Our classes are divided into three age ranges: Kids, Juniors, and Adults. Our age ranges are general guidelines based on our experience. Occasionally, coaches may recommend a different class for some students based on their size and/or maturity level.

Kids Classes (8-11)

We design our kids classes for ages 8-11. In addition to teaching fencing techniques, tactics, and safety, we keep things fun with games for exercise, agility, and focus.

Generally, kids younger than 8 do not have the fine motor skills to perform precise motions with a foil, or the attention span to follow safety rules concerning weapons. Occasionally we can accept particularly coordinated and focused 7-year-olds on a trial basis.

Eleven is the age with the most variation. Some 11-year-olds are small and less mature, and get along much better in a kids class. Others are larger and more mature, and are happier in a junior class with teenagers.

Junior Classes (11-16)

Our junior classes are design for ages 11-16. Juniors on the younger end of this range may be more comfortable in a kids class if they are still small or less mature.

Older juniors (16-18) may also consider taking an adult class instead.

Adult Classes (14-up)

Our adult classes are designed for ages 17 and up. You’re never too old to start — we’ve had beginners as old as 60! Juniors age 14-16 may take an adult class with a parent.