The following class schedule is effective September 7th, 2021. Later in the season, the Beginning Kids Foil and Beginning Junior Foil classes will switch days.

Monday & Wednesday
4:30-5:30 PMBeginning Kids FoilContinuing Kids FoilIntermediate Kids Foil
5:30-6:30 PMContinuing Junior FoilIntermediate Junior Foil
6:30-7:30 PMBeginning Adult FoilContinuing Adult FoilCompetitive Junior Group B
Tuesday & Thursday
4:30-5:30 PMBeginning Junior FoilContinuing Kids Foil
5:30-6:30 PMContinuing Junior FoilCompetitive Kids FoilIntermediate Junior Epee
6:30-7:30 PMCompetitive Junior Foil Group AContinuing Kids Foil
5:00-6:30 PMCompetitive Junior Foil – Flex Day

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