Please read before coming to camp and sign where indicated on the waiver. This is intended to give you a general idea of what to expect, as well as what we expect of all campers. We will review these guidelines at camp.

Athletic clothing

Your T-shirt must be long enough to tuck into your pants. Please wear warm up pants or sweat pants, not jeans or other non-athletic pants. Athletic pants are much easier to move in. Shorts are not allowed. Please wear lace-up athletic shoes. Check to make sure the soles are clean before walking onto the fencing floor.

Students who do not wear proper athletic attire may not be allowed to participate in some or all of that day’s activities.

Fencing equipment

We will provide you with protective equipment to wear while fencing or drilling, including a mask, jacket, underarm protector and glove.

Weapon safety

The weapons we will be using are called foils. The blades are flexible and made of steel. They are not sharp but can still be dangerous if not handled properly.

You must be aware of where the point of your weapon is at all times. We will show you how to handle it and carry it safely.

The only time you are allowed to point your weapon at another person is when that person has their fencing mask and other protective clothing on and is ready to drill or fence.

Fencing traditions and etiquette

Fencing traditions, which have developed over the centuries, promote respect for one’s self, one’s opponents, the instructors and the weapon. We would like you to be aware of some of these traditions, as well as some basic rules of etiquette that we expect our campers to follow.

  • Say hello to the instructors when you come in each day, and say goodbye when you leave.
  • Address the instructors as Coach. Please respond to coaches’ requests respectfully and promptly.
  • When you are doing fencing drills, salute your partner before and after every encounter. Before fencing a bout, salute your opponent, the referee, and the spectators. After the bout is over, salute your opponent and shake their hand.
  • Treat your fencing equipment with respect. When you take a break, place your mask and weapon on the floor (don’t drop it). Put everything away in its proper place when you are done for the day.


Fencing is a competitive sport. Learning to win gracefully is as important as learning to lose gracefully. You must always salute your opponent and shake hands whether you’ve won or lost. When we are playing a game or having team contests, you are encouraged to cheer for your team, but not by putting down the other team.

Repeated or egregious violations of these guidelines will not be tolerated and may, at the coaches’ discretion, result in a camper’s removal from the program.

By understanding and following these guidelines, you can do your part to create a safe learning environment where the focus is on fencing and having fun! Thank you in advance for your cooperation.