The basics

Students in fencing classes should wear comfortable athletic clothing. A short-sleeved T-shirt will help you keep cool in the fencing jacket. Long pants such as sweat pants or athletic warmups are required for safety reasons. Jeans and street pants are more difficult to move in.

Clean athletic shoes with non-marking soles are required. Shoes should lace or fasten securely. Sandals, winter boots, and slip-on style “athletic” shoes don’t provide enough support or traction for fencing.

Beginner uniform

After you’ve taken classes for a couple of months and you know you would like to continue fencing, it’s time to start thinking about buying your own equipment. Having your own jacket, mask and glove means you know it will fit. And using the same weapon every time will help improve your technique as you get used to the feel of your blade.

The basic beginner uniform includes an underarm protector, jacket, mask, and glove. We offer this package at a special discount, approximately $200 including sales tax.

Additional items you may consider for practice include:

  • Chest protector (required for women and girls, optional for men and boys)
  • Practice foil
  • Bag to carry everything in

You can use an electric foil for practice if you want, although the electric foil is more expensive and will require more frequent maintenance.

After two months of classes, if you choose to continue using club equipment, there is a $25/month rental fee to cover the cost of cleaning and sanitizing equipment.

Fencers in our Intermediate and Competitive classes are required to have their own uniform.

Equipment for competition

When you’re ready to start competition, you need some additional items:

  • At least 2 electric weapons
  • At least 2 body cords
  • Fencing pants (knickers)
  • Long socks

Competitive foil fencers will also need:

  • A lamé
  • A mask with an electric lamé bib, or a retrofit kit for your practice mask
  • At least 2 mask cords

We offer a set discount if you buy additional items with a beginner set, or a complete set of electric equipment.