The core of our training programs is our group classes. The group setting allows kids and teenagers to interact in a fun setting while they learn about the sport. Group classes also provide a wide variety of different practice partners to learn and spar with.

We use a variety of different training methods in our classes, including:

  • Warmup games and agility exercises
  • Footwork practice for technique, balance, and coordination
  • Bladework technique exercises
  • Tactical exercises and theory
  • Sparring with partners
  • Refereed bouts on the electrical apparatus

Age ranges

We divide our students into three age groups: Kids (8-11), Juniors (11-16) and Adults (14-up). Matching students to their age group depends on size, strength, attention span, and other factors.

Class levels

We have a range of different classes for all skill levels, from beginners to national competitors.


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What you need

We provide all the fencing-related equipment for our classes. All you need is a T-shirt, long pants, and clean athletic shoes.