About Classes & Lessons

Rain City Fencing Center’s programs provide the training students need to progress from the beginner level to national competition and beyond. Group classes, individual lessons, open practice times, and cross-training sessions are all important parts of a fencer’s training.

Group Classes

Beginning fencers usually start with group classes. The group setting allows kids and teenagers to interact in a fun setting while they learn about the sport. Group classes also provide a wide variety of different practice partners to learn and spar with. We have group classes for all levels of fencers, up to and including our national competitive team.

In the summer we have week-long camps for beginning, continuing, intermediate, and competitive fencers.

Open Fencing

In addition to sparring during their group classes, fencers need time to integrate their techniques and tactics into a fully-rounded game. Our open fencing sessions on Tuesday and Thursday evenings feature a wide variety of opponents to train with. Our coaches are on hand to give lessons and other training advice.

Individual Lessons

Once students reach our Intermediate classes and start to express interest in competition, it’s time to start thinking about individual lessons. Lessons are a more intense training workout and allow the coach to refine specific techniques and tactics. Coaches usually give lessons during open practice times, or by appointment before or during other classes.

Cross Training and Clinics

To help train our athletes for the rigors of national competition, we feature a conditioning class on Friday afternoons, run by a certified personal trainer. Core strength, balance, endurance, agility, and explosiveness are all important parts of training competitive fencers.

We also periodically present short clinics on refereeing, equipment repair and maintenance, and sports psychology. These clinics are generally open to all fencers for a nominal fee.