RCFC patchClub Representation and Coaching

At RCFC our goal is to help all of our fencers achieve their goals, both personal and competitive. The following apply to all of our fencers, both local and national.

  • Only fencers whose primary club is Rain City Fencing Center (as listed on their USA Fencing member profile) will be allowed to take private lessons from an RCFC coach. Only RCFC member fencers will be coached at tournaments (local, regional, or national) by our coaches.
  • Please consult with your coach before signing up for any classes, lessons, or camps with another fencing organization.
  • Our open fencing sessions, classes, and clinics are open to fencers from any club.

These guidelines are not intended to limit competitive fencers from taking camps or clinics, many of which we recommend and consider worthwhile. They are intended to clarify the proper role of the coach and club in a fencer’s competitive career, and the student’s responsibility to their coach, club, and team.

Individual Lessons

Private lessons are an important part of a competitive fencer’s development. The following policies are intended to produce the best possible rapport between the student and their coach.

  • When you first start taking lessons, we will recommend a coach who best suits your style and whose schedule matches yours. You may request a specific coach, but they may not be available.
  • If your coach feels that you would benefit from taking lessons from another of our coaches, they will make that recommendation to you. Please do not request lessons from another coach without discussing it with your current coach first.
  • Team RCFC fencers may not take private lessons from another club’s coach(es) on a regular basis.

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Team Warmups

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