Basic uniform during classes

We assign each student their own uniform which is kept in a storage bin at RCFC. Your class fee includes use of the club uniform for the first two months. After that, you may purchase your own uniform or continue to rent a club uniform for $25/month.

Electric gear during classes

Electric gear includes weapons, lamés, electric foil masks, body cords, and mask cords. If you’re in any of our non-competitive classes, you can use the club’s electric gear for free during class times. If you’re a competitive fencer, you should own your own electric gear and uniform and use it during class and open fencing.

Electric gear during open fencing and tournaments

Although most fencers at open fencing are practicing with electric gear, you can still practice “dry” with practice foils. All tournaments use electric equipment.

There is no charge for students and RCFC members to use the basic uniforms and practice foils. If you want to fence electric and you don’t have your own electric gear, you can rent it during open fencing or tournaments held at RCFC:

  • There is no charge to rent electric equipment for your first tournament.
  • $15 per tournament (including tax). You may rent whatever you need, but Rain City does not guarantee that our club gear is competition-legal.
  • $35 per month (plus tax) for open fencing, payable with your monthly dues or class fee.

When you’re ready to buy your own equipment, our gear shop is ready for you. See our Equipment for Beginners page for more information.