Private Lessons Resume January 11th

Based on the Governor’s new “Healthy Washington-Roadmap to Recovery” initiative released this week, we are planning to reopen for private lessons starting Monday, January 11th. If you were already on the lesson schedule in November, your schedule will remain the same.

Group classes and open fencing are on hold until February, or until we receive more detailed information from the State about the new guidelines.

Read our latest email announcement for complete details on our reopening plans.

COVID Update: Closure extended to January 11th

Governor Inslee recently announced that the current COVID-19 restrictions which began in November are being extended one more week, to January 11th, 2021. This means we are still closed for all in-person fencing activities – classes, lessons, and open fencing. Our online Conditioning/Footwork and Technique/Tactics classes will resume on January 4th, on their usual schedule.

We expect the State to publish new reopening details next week. When they are, we will look at how they affect us, when we will be able to reopen, and whether our schedule will need to change.

We are still available for retail purchases by appointment. Please send us an email if you would like to arrange a time to buy equipment or logo apparel.

Happy New Year to everyone, and stay safe!

Greg Jones
Owner and Head Coach
Rain City Fencing Center

COVID UPDATE: In-person fencing suspended through January 4th

Governor Inslee recently announced that the current COVID-19 restrictions which began in November are being extended to January 4th, 2021. This still includes shutting down all of our in-person fencing activities – classes, lessons, and open fencing.

We will continue to hold our virtual Conditioning/Footwork and Technique/Tactics classes through December. As January 4th approaches, we will be keeping track of the status of the state restrictions. We hope to be able to resume in-person fencing in January.

We are available for retail purchases by appointment. Please send us an email if you would like to arrange a time to buy equipment or logo apparel.

Happy Holidays to everyone, and stay safe!

Greg Jones
Owner and Head Coach
Rain City Fencing Center

COVID UPDATE: In-person fencing suspended starting Tuesday, November 17th

Governor Inslee recently announced new restrictions to take effect at midnight on Monday, November 16th. Unfortunately, this includes shutting down all of our in-person fencing activities. While this is disappointing, we understand the need for additional measures to combat the recent dramatic increase in COVID-19 activity in our county and state.

Monday the 16th will be the last day of in-person classes, lessons, and open fencing for a while. We will continue to hold our Conditioning/Footwork online Zoom classes, and are considering adding other online classes and clinics as well. We will also be available for retail purchases by appointment. Please send us an email if you would like to arrange a time to buy equipment or logo apparel.

The new restrictions are currently scheduled to last through December 14th. We will keep everyone updated via email and our website as more information becomes available. When we are able to resume in-person activities, we plan to keep our current class and lesson schedule unless our operating requirements change significantly. If you need to change your schedule when we reopen, please let us know. If you want to keep the same schedule as before, you do not need to do anything.

We will be running our monthly automatic payments in the next day or two. Before doing so, we will adjust all November class and open fencing bills (other than online classes) to reflect the half-month participation. If you have already paid for November classes, thank you! We will keep a half-month credit on your account to apply towards future classes or lessons. If you would prefer a partial refund instead, please let us know via email.

We encourage all of our fencing family to follow the new COVID recommendations to help slow the spread, so we can get back to normal activities sooner. We hope everyone stays safe during the holidays, and we look forward to being able to return to in-person fencing soon!

Greg Jones
Owner and Head Coach
Rain City Fencing Center

Holiday Schedule 2020

We will be closed from Thursday, November 26th through Sunday, November 29th to observe the Thanksgiving holiday. (We apologize for a typo in our email broadcast that indicated the wrong dates.) Our last day of regular classes will be Saturday, December 19th. We will resume our full schedule on Monday, January 4th. Happy Holidays to everyone!

Price Changes Effective September 1st

To help cover rising staff and facility costs, we will need to increase our prices for classes and lessons as of September 1st. This is our first price increase in two years. While we want fencing to remain affordable for everyone, we do need to cover our expenses, and we are confident that we are still price-competitive with the other clubs in Western Washington.

Group Classes

Our small group classes for intermediate and competitive fencers will remain at their current price. To allow the coach to provide more individual attention to each fencer, these classes will not exceed 8 students.

Group class prices per month:

  • Small group class, 1x/week: $120
  • Small group class, 2x/week: $240
  • Beginning class: $160
  • Regular continuing/intermediate class (up to 12 students): $190

For all students, we recommend purchasing your own equipment once you know you’re going to continue classes. We have beginner uniforms in stock, and there is a 15% discount when you buy 4 or more pieces of equipment. If you choose to keep using club equipment, after your third month of classes or lessons there will be a $15/month equipment rental fee to cover increased maintenance and sanitation costs.

Class Discounts

In the past, we have offered an annual package with a 10% discount for fencers who pre-pay for an entire season of classes. For fencers who purchased an annual package at the start of the 2019-2020 season, we have extended those packages by two months. Ten-month packages will expire on August 31, 2020; 12-month packages will expire on October 31, 2020. These packages are eligible for small groups, online Zoom classes, and open fencing sessions.

Due to the continuing uncertainty in our schedule and what classes we’ll be able to offer from month to month, we are not offering annual packages for the 2020-2021 season. We are increasing the family discount on class memberships to $15 per family member. Regular and small group classes are eligible for the family discount.

Private Lessons

As of September 1st, the following prices will apply to private lessons:

  • One-time drop-in: $40
  • 4-lesson card: $150 ($37.50 each)
  • 8-lesson card: $280 ($35 each)
  • 20-lesson package: $650 ($32.50 each)

Fencers currently taking private lessons may, in addition to their current lesson card as of August 31, purchase one renewal per family at the old price. Please contact for assistance with that.

Online Zoom Classes

Our online classes will continue in the new season, with Conditioning/Footwork on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and Technique/Tactics on Tuesday and Thursday. Starting in September, there will be separate memberships ($75/month each) for these two classes. Individual sessions of any online class may still be purchased for $15 each.

Open Fencing

While our open fencing schedule remains tentative, sessions will be on a $5 drop-in basis. Once the schedule firms up, we will look at reinstating a month open fencing membership.

Open Fencing Rules – Phase 2/3

Updated September 29, 2020

The following rules apply to all open fencing sessions at RCFC during Phase 2 and Phase 3. We will update these rules as more guidance updates from state and county governments become available.

  • A maximum of 6 fencers per session are allowed. A coach will always be in the same room (possibly giving a lesson) while open fencing is going on.
  • Reservations through the online calendar are required, so that the maximum attendance can be enforced. Sessions are divided by weapon, age, and skill level.
  • Fencers who are enrolled in classes or who have an annual package membership from last season are eligible for open fencing at no additional charge. Please remember to select your membership when making your reservation. You may reserve up to 6 “prime-time” sessions (Tuesday/Thursday) and up to 6 “off-peak” sessions (other days) each month.
  • For fencers without a current class membership, there is a $5 drop-in fee per session. Contact us to reserve drop-in dates.
  • Fencers should follow the same check-in process used for classes and lessons:
    • Check in at the front desk.
    • Temperature check and COVID-19 symptom screening.
    • Wash or sanitize hands before going on the floor.
  • Note that locker rooms remain closed. Please come dressed in appropriate athletic wear, including long pants. If you practice in fencing pants (which is recommended), either come to RCFC in your fencing pants, or wearing something you can wear fencing pants over.
  • Minimize contact with shared items. Turn machines on and off with the tip of your weapon. No remote controls are to be used.
  • Wash or sanitize your hands after handling reel cables, after every bout.
  • Six fencers means up to three pairs fencing with one fencer on deck. Pairs should leave one empty strip in between, to increase distancing.
  • When you unhook, leave your cable end hanging free – do NOT hang it on the wall or clip it to itself. Cable ends hanging free are the ones we know we need to disinfect at the end of the day.
  • Fencers should remain in “practice mode” as much as possible – control actions, control distance, avoid corps-a-corps and infighting.
  • Please do not reserve for more than one session per day, to allow other fencers access as well.
  • If demand increases, we will look for additional times for open fencing sessions.

New Phase 2 Guidelines

Effective August 10th, 2020, Washington State has announced new guidelines for fitness businesses. These new guidelines include occupancy limits based on space available, and allow us to expand our offerings somewhat.

The complete revised guidelines are available on the Governor’s website.

Some important changes that are included in these guidelines:

  • The maximum number of athletes in a room is one per 300 square feet of space, not counting coaches. While this would theoretically allow us to have up to 24 fencers in our main gym and 20 in the north gym, we feel that those numbers would not be prudent at this time. We will be limiting our activities to approximately half of those numbers so that fencers in group classes can spread out further.
  • Spectators are not allowed in the room at practices under these guidelines. Everyone not actively participating in an activity on the floor (parents, younger siblings, and fencers waiting for their class or lesson) should wait in the lobby, upstairs, or outside.
  • We will be scheduling some limited-capacity open fencing sessions – one hour long, with a maximum of 5 fencers per gym. Reservations through the online calendar will be required. More details will be forthcoming soon.
  • The new guidelines allow exercising without facial coverings as long as participants unmask immediately before exercise and re-mask immediately after. However, RCFC will continue to require facial coverings for everyone at all times, including under the fencing mask.

At this time, fencing competitions do not look possible any time soon. We will follow the policies of the Western Washington Division of USA Fencing regarding the feasibility of starting small local tournaments.

We appreciate the cooperation of all our fencers and parents in helping to keep everyone safe. Thank you!