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Competitive Foil/Epee Camp

Monday, August 15 through Friday, August 19, 2016 Gear up for the new season with an intensive all-day competitive camp! Nationally recognized coaches Greg Jones, Christian Ford, Garik Balayan, Steve Colton, and Spencer Felt share their expertise training national medalists. We will combine footwork and cross training, technical and tactical exercises, discussions of strategy and […]

Compound Footwork: The Next Step

  Footwork is what gets you to the right place to make a touch. Being able to perform multiple footwork actions in a sequence is important both technically and tactically. Should an advance-lunge be two separate actions or one compound action? Read on. The difficulty of teaching preparations is that they involve compound footwork and […]

The Importance of Seeding

The Importance of Seeding, or Why Can’t I Win Any DE Bouts?   When I had only been fencing about a year, I started to become a regular competitor. I went to all the tournaments I could find. I did OK (not great) at the novice and E-and-under types of tournaments, but it seemed like […]

The Importance of Preparation

  In 1997, when I had been fencing about two years, one of my coaches asked a group the (rhetorical?) question, “Why do you people fall into your lunges at the end of a preparation even though you can’t hit your opponent? Why aren’t you learning this stuff in the lessons?”, I started trying to […]