RCFC Garage Sale and Swap Meet

You know how fencing gear hides in closets and garages? Bring it out and introduce it to someone! We will have another fencing garage sale and swap meet on Saturday, November 2nd from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM (during open fencing). All RCFC resale equipment will be on sale, with some clearance items deeply discounted. We’ll also be selling tournament and summer camp T-shirts, older fencing gear and parts, and lots of other interesting stuff.

Have fencing gear you’d like to sell? Bring it in and find someone who needs it! This is an opportunity to find a new home for that uniform you’ve outgrown. No commissions or fees to sell your stuff!

The details:

  • All RCFC retail equipment will be on sale, 10% off regular prices. This does not apply to items already discounted, such as our beginner set discount.
  • Selected items will be on clearance sale. Discounts apply only to stock on hand, no rain checks.
  • Fencers are welcome to bring used gear to sell to other fencers. Please stick to fencing-related items, it’s not a general-purpose garage sale!
  • If you’re selling used fencing gear or buying someone else’s, RCFC is not a party to the transaction. We strongly recommend cash only for such transactions.