March Update – Coronavirus and More

We know everyone is concerned about the spread of COVID-19. We also know that kids need something to do when there’s no school! In addition to the standard advice from the CDC (wash hands frequently, stay home if you are sick, etc.), here’s an update on what we’re doing at RCFC.

  • We recommend that all students wash their hands as soon as they arrive at the club.
  • Due to some students canceling their classes temporarily, most of our classes are already smaller than usual. We are also cutting back on games involving close contact, and generally spreading the students over a wider area.
  • Each club fencing mask is only worn by one person per day, and is treated with Lysol spray before being put back in use.
  • Plastrons and gloves are being washed more frequently, in hot water.
  • We have increased our retail stock of masks and gloves if you would like to purchase your own.
  • We are disinfecting high-contact surfaces more frequently, including door handles, handrails, and electric reel cable ends.
  • We recommend that all students bring a water bottle which they can refill using the bottle fillers on our drinking fountains.

Alternative Fencing Activities

If you’re not sure about group classes but don’t want to lose your competitive edge, consider private lessons. Our coaches will be expanding their available hours for lessons. Talk to the coaches for more details.

We are also considering making some work-at-home footwork videos and other solo practice tips. We are open to suggestions on other ways we can keep our students enjoying fencing while observing disease prevention guidelines. If you have ideas, please let us know!

Stay healthy and wash your hands!