Basic requirements

For all tournaments outside of class, you must wear fencing pants, not jeans or sweat pants. We have these at RCFC, for sale or to borrow. You also need socks long enough to overlap the pants. We sell these as well, or baseball or soccer socks also work well.

All tournaments are run using electric equipment. You may rent electric gear for tournaments held at RCFC. Bear in mind that club gear takes a lot of abuse and can be unreliable, so having your own electric gear that you can maintain is a good idea. Because weapons, body cords, and mask cords break frequently, you must have at least two of each.

Foil fencers need a mask with a conductive bib. We have these available for sale or to rent. You can also buy a kit to attach a conductive sleeve to the bib of a practice mask.


Equipment requirements vary depending on the level of tournament you’re considering. Listed below are the minimum requirements for various levels of competition.

Competition level

What you need

Any tournament with an entry fee Fencing pants, long socks, foam padding for your chest protector if you wear one (foil only), USA Fencing competitive membership
Any tournament outside RCFC, any RYC or WWD tournament The above, plus your own electric equipment, including at least two working body cords, two working mask cords, and at least two working electric weapons
Any tournament outside the Seattle area, any SYC or ROC The above, plus at least a third working weapon and your own uniform (plastron, jacket, mask and glove)
Any National tournament The above, plus your last name on your fencing pants or on your back (lamé for foil or sabre, jacket for épée), and probably a fourth working weapon
Any Canadian National tournament The above, plus FIE blades and FIE mask
Any European tournament or World Cup The above, plus full FIE uniform (plastron, jacket, pants and mask)