New Insurance Requirement (August 2023)

For next season, USA Fencing is changing the structure of club memberships and insurance. Unfortunately, we will no longer be able to use our current third-party insurance coverage. In order to use the insurance provided to USA Fencing Member Clubs, there will be an additional requirement for our fencers.

Starting August 1st, all fencers at RCFC (except some beginners) must be individual members of USA Fencing at some level. The lowest level of membership will be the Access membership, which will be $29/year next season.

If you have been fencing for at least 2 months and plan to fence after August 1st, please sign up for a membership at Note that if you sign up now, before July 1st, you can get a substantial discount by getting the Non-Competitive membership for $15. Your membership will be automatically upgraded to the Access level and extended through next season (July 31, 2024).

Once your membership signup is completed, you can add your membership number to your profile in our membership system, Zen Planner. After logging in to the membership portal (, you can click My Profile->My Family->(fencer’s name)->Edit Profile to add the number.

Competitive fencers who already have a membership, please remember to renew it by August 1st. We would appreciate if you can enter your membership number into Zen Planner as well.

Note, each fencer in your household needs their own membership. It’s not required for parents who don’t fence themselves.

For beginning fencers, USA Fencing allows a trial period of three months before the individual membership is required. This covers our summer camps and/or beginning classes. All that is required is an additional waiver form which you can sign on paper or electronically. After three months of fencing, you’ll need to sign up for the individual membership.

On the plus side, the Access membership also makes you eligible for local competition. When you decide it’s time to try a local tournament, no additional membership upgrade is required.

Please let us know if you have any questions, or trouble with the membership signup. We appreciate your cooperation!

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