Monday & Wednesday
4:30-5:30 PMBeginning Kids Foil
Continuing Kids Foil
Competitive Kids Foil
5:30-6:30 PMContinuing Junior Foil
6:30-7:30 PMBeginning Adult Foil
Continuing Adult Foil
Intermediate Junior Foil
7:30-9:30 PMOpen Fencing
and Lessons
Tuesday & Thursday
4:30-5:30 PMBeginning Junior FoilContinuing Kids Foil
5:30-6:30 PMIntermediate Kids FoilContinuing Junior Foil
6:30-7:30 PMCompetitive FoilCompetitive Warmup & Footwork
7:30-9:30 PMOpen Fencing
and Lessons
3:00-5:00 PMKids Open Fencing
and Lessons
5:00-6:00 PMMake-up Beginning/Continuing FoilConditioning with Paul Schmidt
6:00-7:00 PMFREE Trial Class
(once a month, see schedule)

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2018-2019 Calendar
September 4thClass session starts
October 1stClass session starts
November 1stClass session starts
December 3rdClass session starts
December 21stLast day of classes
January 2ndClass session starts
February 4thClass session starts
March 4thClass session starts
April 1stClass session starts
May 1stClass session starts
May 3rd-6thRain City Super Youth Circuit – no classes
June 3rdClass session starts
June 21stLast day of classes